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Birthday is a very special occasion in all of us life. You are a very responsible person in your family if you have turned in 31st. All of the family responsibilities depends on you. Some people fade up their life in this age cause they don’t have resources to full fill their family responsibilities and they don’t support their family. Here is a collection of Happy 31st Birthday Wishes and Greetings which can help you to make people’s smile and make them day memorable. You should avail this opportunity to make a soft corner in someone’s heart. If you’re making someone day special that’s mean you are going to be special in someone’s life. Hope you will get the best one to blush the someone.

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes and Sayings

1 :] The sun is shining its beautiful rays, Another year’s passed.
2 :] As I gaze out the window and watch birds in the sky, I think of a beautiful year that’s gone by. I sit and reflect on all that we’ve been through, And realize how thankful I am to have you. Happy 32nd birthday to a special friend.
3 :]You are getting old when the candles on the cake cost more than the cake itself! How much were you candles?
4 :] A birthday is a time to remember and share, The laughter and memories from over the years. There are more fun times that the future will hold, More jokes and secrets waiting to be told. As life brings us changes, one thing stays the same – And that is, our friendship will always remain. Have a beautiful 32nd birthday!
5 :]The 32nd birthday is just a start of a 365 day journey of the earth around the sund. Sit back, relax and have fun!

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Best 32nd Birthday Greetings

6 :]For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common 32nd birthday.
7 :]For you 32nd birthday I wish all the luck in the world four you. May all your wishes and dreams come true in the new year of life. Congratulations!
8 :] Don’t be concerned with what lies ahead, Enjoy celebrating today instead. It’s your 32nd birthday, you’re still so young, So spend your day having a lot of good fun!
9 :]I cannot believe you are getting 32 years old. You do not look a single day older than 31!
10 :] Today is your birthday and that’s no surprise, But you mean more to me than you realize. Happy 32nd birthday to a special friend, You are amazing now and you always have been.

Amazing Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes

11 :]Birthdays pass quickly, but our love will always remain. Happy 32nd birthday!


12 :]The 32nd birthday is your special day; I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! Loves and hugs.


13 :] it’s your birthday. Today is special, you’re thirty-two, So enjoy every moment – it’s all about you!

14 :] Just wanted to say happy birthday to you, You are thought of today and all the year through. I’m sending these words to show you I care, And letting you know I will always be there. Have a wonderful 32nd birthday.
15 :]This birthday wish is just for you, Another year has passed, you’re thirtytwo. Happy birthday to my very best friend, A day full of joy to you I send.

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Loving Happy Birthday Wishes For 32nd Birthday

16 :]The 32nd birthday is natures way of telling us to eat more cake.
17 :] Happy 32nd birthday to someone I’ve known, For a long time and through all the years we have grown. I’m looking forward to sharing many more years, Full of fun, laughter and joyful tears.
18 :] Turning thirtytwo is a time to reflect, On things you have learned and what more to expect. You’ll continue to change but I want you to know, I’ll always be your friend and love you so.
19 :]Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life. Happy birthday for your 32nd milestone!
20 :] Today is your day it’s all about you, So make the most of turning thirtytwo. Still so young but a lot of lessons learned, Have a wonderful birthday, it has been earned!

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