Happy 48th Birthday Wishes | Best 48th Birthday Greetings and Wishes

We have furnished a list of Happy 48th Birthday Wishes and Greetings. Here is a collection of Funny, Respected, Love, and Cutest 48th Birthday Sayings. You can use these wishes to send your Friend, Family Member who is turning in 48th year. Everyone wants that somebody enjoyed with them on their special day doesn’t matter how old are you. We are still working on this website for new updates, stay tuned with us. Hope you and your friend also like these wishes.

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes

1 ]I wish you all the best on your 48th birthay. May all your dreams come true, all your aims will be fulfilled and may a friend always be there for you when you need one. Happy birthday.

2 ]The years were good to you but the weekends made you suffer. Happy birthday and all the best.

3 ] It’s your 48th birthday I like to propose a toast!

4 ]I just can`t believe you are turning 48 today. You only look like 47.

5 ]That you’d be alone at forty-eight Still, we’re going to have a blast And say “screw you” to our past.

Cutest Happy Birthday Wishes For 48th Birthday

  • 6 ] I won’t tell anyone you are older than dirt.. It’ll be our little secret! Happy 48th birthday!
  • 7 ]The fact that your birthday is again here Is proof that you made it another year. Having the chance to celebrate 48 with you Gives me hope that I’ll make it too!
  • 8 ]I have just thought about your special day and I am sending you all the best wishes. But I forgot, how old are you? 38 or 39?
  • 9 ] What were you thinking When you went out drinking Remember, your now forty-eight And better off home with your mate.

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10 ]Happy 48th Birthday. I wish you fantastic presents, a great party and a fantastic 49th year.

Best Happy 48th Birthday Greetings

11 ] Sensibly cloaked as an authoritative grown-up. Happy 48th birthday!

12 ]  Just because there is snow on the roof doesn’t mean there’s not a fire inside. Happy 48th birthday!

13 ] Congratulations on completing 28 billion, 3 million, 968 millennium objective on your 48th birthday. Happy 48th birthday!

14 ]Hopefully you will have lots of fun on your birthday and start celebrating every single one of them. All the best.

15 ]Birthdays are a day for love And it’s you I always think of. I wouldn’t have it any other way Than to celebrate with you today.

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Amazing Happy 48th Birthday Sayings

16 ]I know you only agreed to mingle Because I’m also once again single Maybe you never expected this day

17 ]All the best for your 48th birthday. I will be right there to celebrate this special day. Don`t worry with an old bloke like me around you will feel young and free.

18 ]Now that your forty eight You probably question your fate Some say you should be dead But you probably just need a new bed.

19 ]You just turned forty-eight And your stomach spreads hate Because of something you ate. But it’s still a celebration of life And I’m glad to be your wife.

20 ]Wish you a 48th Birthday!!Enjoye Beautifull Day..

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