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Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes | Best 42nd Birthday Greetings and Wishes

Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year. On this day peoples celebrate like a child. They forget all tensions and do hangover with their friends. So here we have furnished a list of Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes which can help you to wish and show your love to your best friend, family members, relatives, wife, husband, siblings. It is difficult to find a kind word to express your feelings from your childhood friends on their 42nd Birthday. Here is a solution for your problems. We have prepared a kind and unique words list of 42nd Birthday Wishes and Greetings. Hope you find Wish according to your mode.

Amazing Birthday Wishes And Greetings For 42nd Birthday

1 ) They say at 42nd you’re over the hill and you know what happens once you’re over the hill. You don’t? Oh, gees. Sure you want to know? OK here it goes. Once you’re over the bill.

2 ) But I shall do my best To send my wishes, dear, A very happy birthday, With expressions clear.

3 ) How very much you’re missed is something you will never know, you left behind the broken hearts of those who loved you so much. A sea of tears and endless grief would simply go away if only you could celebrate your special day today. This birthday token brings you love it’s just a simple touch to let you know how dear you are. You’ll always mean so much. Happy 42nd birthday!

4 ) Cannot express the love I truly have for you; Yet I will still attempt Whatever I can do.

5 ) Life is so swift, The years fly fast; We’re growing old, This life won’t last.

6 ) They say that life gets better With every passing year; But this one thing I know, You’re growing ever dear.

7 ) I’ll tell it near, I’ll say it far, I’ll make it clear, You are my star.

8 ) Three little precious words That anyone can write; Three little precious words I’ll say it with delight.  I love you, I love you On this your birthday; I love you, I love you No more can I say.

9 ) Long after the day Of mirth is spent; Long after the flowers Have lost their scent.

10 ) My birthday wish Will outlive them all; Winter, spring, Summer and fall.

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Respected Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes

11 ) 42 and like fine wine aging to perfection. Happy 42nd birthday!

12 ) May your days be filled With everlasting joy, That no man Could ever destroy.

13 ) You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake, said Bob Hope. I Just saw what your candles price is. Oops! Happy 42nd birthday!

14 ) The happiness we share I can’t forsake; Not rain or cloud Could ever break.

15 ) Yet I’ll attempt to write Some little word, my dear; Expressing on this day, To show you how I care.

16 ) So as this day Comes to a quick close, Please accept These words I compose.

17 ) On this your very special day, I’m sending you my best Of wishes for another year, Filled with true happiness.

18 ) Whenever I first met you, My dearest, precious one; You filled my world with warmth, So radiant like the sun.

19 ) You are not 42, you are 18 with 24 years experience. Happy 42nd birthday!

20 ) A Shakespeare or a Milton, As you can simply see; In writing these few lines I cannot claim to be.

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Outstanding 42nd Birthday Sayings And Greetings

  • 21 ) To tell you what I feel On this, your special day; Yet thoughts, like birds do fly Away from me today.
  • 22 ) Birthdays come, And birthdays go; But all year long My love I’ll show.
  • 23 ) Birthdays remind us Life’s so sweet; We take for granted Those we meet.
  • 24 ) I ever cherish your life, You are a gift to me; It’s very obvious For all that really see.

25 ) A birthday is a precious time To stop and think of you; A birthday is a special time When thoughts come streaming through.

26 ) For that’s the best gift I could ever give, To prove that my wish Will truly live.

27 ) No other can take your place, You are so dear to me; How can I express myself? A few lines for you to see

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