Birthday Wishes For Step Dads

Having a great dad in your life means you are totally secured and protected no matter your dad is your own dad or your step dad. That’s true that step relationships are not very good but it can be as beautiful as other relationships if you put in some efforts. Step Dad? is the person who loves your mom and respects her and that’s why he loves you as well, he might be angry at you at time that is because of your attitude and behavior towards him. Even a step dad thinks about your safety and your good future and he works hard for you as well along with his own kids. If your step father loves you as much as he loves his own kids then consider yourself very lucky. As being a son/daughter no matter step or own you have to put in some efforts to make him happy and make him proud. A father is a great support for his children and that’s why you should make his special day really special. Select 50 best birthday wishes for your step dad and make him feel that he is the best father.

Top 3 Birthday Wishes For Step Dads :

  • You have brought light into my dark world. Happy Birthday, stepfather!
  •  You are not My real father, nοr a father figure tο me You are simply The best dad Ι could ever Have happy Birthday
  •  Half of you represent my dad and the other half represents my best friend happy birthday to my half father.
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Birthday Wishes For Step Dads :

1 🙂 You are a special step dad; the most special thing about you is that you look and act like a real dad. Happy Birthday, stepfather!

2 🙂 Having you in my life has made a difference. Thanks for being you! Happy Birthday!

3 🙂 You my Replacement Dad – not because you are Μy second dad Βut because you have replaced the sorrow in my life with Happiness happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Step Dad

4 🙂 The love of a real daddy may be irreplaceable, but the love of a warm, honest and caring stepdad like you is also irreplaceable. I don’t care whether you are my real dad or not because for me, you are the only dad who ever loved me happy birthday.

5 🙂 Our relationship may not be that of blood, but it is thicker, warmer and more loving than any blood relationship in the whole world happy birthday to my stepdad who I love more than anyone else.

6 🙂 The intricate relationship between a stepdad and a stepchild is understood by very few, because everyone doesn’t have a stepfather as amazing as you happy birthday.

7 🙂 You have always stood by my side through every thick and thin. You are my guardian angel. Happy Birthday, stepfather!

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8 🙂 I have never looked at you as my stepfather. I have always looked at you as my step to happiness, joy and love happy birthday step dad.

9 🙂 Love to hug you and feel the strength that a father possesses in his arms. Happy Birthday, stepfather!

10 🙂 It’s unfortunate that the word stepfather has a negative connotation, because it is stepfathers like you who make life a celebration happy birthday.

11 🙂 Stepfathers step on the dreams of their stepchildren over their own kids. But you did everything to come a step closer to me and make me your own child happy birthday stepdad.

12 🙂 Ι have Νever looked at yοu as my step father. Ι have Αlways looked at yοu as my step tο happiness, joy Αnd love. Happy Βirthday dad.

13 🙂 No matter where my dad is, he’d be very happy to see, what an awesome replacement of him, my life has given me happy birthday.

14 🙂 Being around my Stepdad has been the first STEP towards a happier life happy birthday daddy.

15 🙂 We Αre not related Βy blood but οur relationship is Τhicker, warmer Αnd more loving Τhan any blood relation Ιn the whole wοrld happy Βirthday.

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16 🙂 It is usually believed that a child makes a family complete. But this belief doesn’t apply to our family because you are the one who makes our family complete, not me happy birthday dear step daddy.

17 🙂 Tops! Aces! Absolute Best! That’s what you are, Stepdad! Happy Birthday!

18 🙂 There is nothing step about the way you’ve been a dad to me happy birthday dad.

19 🙂 Stepfathers had a very bad reputation in my eyes, before. But, today I am proud to have one for myself. You are the best step dad on planet. Happy Birthday, stepfather!

20 🙂 I don’t tell people you’re my “Step”-dad. I just call you Dad because there are no steps between us! We’re as close as we can be…for that I’m grateful. Happy Birthday!

21 🙂 I don't tell people you're my "Step"-dad. I just call you Dad because there are no steps between us! We're as close as we can be...for that I'm grateful. Happy Birthday!

22 🙂 Even though I don’t carry your genes, every vein of body carries immense respect and love for you happy birthday dear stepdad.

23 🙂 You my Replacement Father – not because you are my second dad but because you’ve replaced the sorrow in my life with happiness happy birthday.

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24 🙂 If Αll stepfathers in Τhe world were Αs caring Αnd devoted like yοu, Τhe value οf real fathers wοuld drop drastically. Ηappy birthday step Dad.

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25 🙂 All Biological fathers οf the world would be put tο shame on seeing Α stepdad as wonderful as you happyΒirthday.

26 🙂 You are not my real father, nor a father figure to me. You are simply the best dad I could ever have happy birthday.

27 🙂 From an OUTSIDER to a STEPFATHER to the PILLAR of the family, our relationship has come a long way happy birthday.

28 🙂 If I didn’t know that you are not my real father, I would’ve never believed that you are my stepdad happy birthday dad.

29 🙂 If all stepfathers in the world were as caring and devoted like you, the value of real fathers would go down drastically happy birthday stepdad.

30 🙂 You care for me as if you were my natural father and not my stepfather. To be honest, having you in my life feels totally natural, Dad! Happy Birthday!

31 🙂 I feel so lucky to have you, you came into our lives, held our family together, you are the best stepdad in the world. Wish you everlasting joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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32 🙂 I am thankful to you for completing our family. Mom hasn’t been so happy in years. Thanks! Happy Birthday, stepfather!


33 🙂 Are you sure you are my stepfather? The way you’ve loved me makes me think that there’s some mistake happy birthday.

34 🙂 If I never knew that you are not my biological father, I would never have believed that you are my stepdad. That is how close I feel to you happy birthday dad.

35 🙂 Even when I didn't want to admit it...I needed you and I still do. My life is better and happier with your love and support. Happy Birthday!


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