Best Birthday Wishes For Grand DaughterBest Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

Best Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

The amount of unconditional love that you give to yourgrandchildren is not measurable. You especially take care of your granddaughter because you know that one day she will be leaving this house and going to her husband’s house. For this reason, you try your best to fulfill the demands of your granddaughtereven if it poses a burden over you. After being used to such love and care, your granddaughter will expect something very different from what others give her on her birthday.

Considering the fact that her parents and boyfriend may give her the ‘material’ things she love, we have the best birthday wishes for granddaughter here that are so beautifully written that she will surely feel special and her expectations will be met. The monetary value of something is never greater than the emotional value of words that you use for someone and so keeping that value in mind we created these magical birthday wishes that will make the day of your granddaughter. However, it is an even better idea to use these wishes along with some other gifts or surprise because that is definitely having a long lasting effect on your granddaughter.

Best Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

Top 7 Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter :

  •  A granddaughter like you is a source of joy and pride for her grandparents. Love you for what you are! Happy Birthday!
  •  Granddaughters are like the dreams that never end.
  •  remember your first day in the world-you looked at me and smiles. Ever since then, I have been in love with you, my sweet granddaughter! Happy Birthday!
  •  If I was given the chance to live my life all over again, I would want to live it the exact same way so that I can become a grandfather to you again. Happy birthday cuteness.
  •  My hugs and kisses will always be bigger and warmer than all the stuffed toys you will ever have. Happy birthday.
  • You're like sugar. You make everything so  delicious. Your birthday reminds me that, if you hadn't come into this world, life would have been flavorless. You make everything so much sweeter. Happy birthday, sweet baby!
  •  You have made the twilight of our lives more radiant than its dawn. Happy birthday
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Best Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

1: ) I always thought that my daughter was the smartest woman in the world, until you proved me wrong. Happy birthday.

2: ) May all your wishes today and tomorrow come true. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this wish from me. Happy birthday, darling girl!

3: ) You are my little princess, my light, my joy. Happy birthday, sweetie!

4: ) Happy birthday, darling! May every birthday you celebrate take you on another new and fantastic year-long adventure — not just because you deserve it and we love you, but because it will also make every moment of the next 365 days as amazing as you.

5: ) Thank you for bringing joy into my life. Wishing you a very happy and sweet birthday, sweetie!

6: ) You are my daughter’s daughter and I am your mother’s mother. That means you will give me double the love and I will give you double the advice. Happy birthday.

7: ) Granddaughter, you always make me smile. Love you. Happy birthday.

8: ) Wishing you a life that is as colorful as the rainbow in the sky and as magical as your presence in our lives! Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

9: ) For you, I only have great big hugs and kisses and special wishes, too — all wrapped up with lots of love on your birthday. Happy birthday, darling girl!

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10: ) You are a synonymous with the world sweetness. Happy Birthday, dear granddaughter! May you have a brilliant day!

11: ) Each candle on your birthday means how much my love for you has increased ever since you have come into this world. I wish you warmth and happiness throughout your life. You are a special person and you deserve a special birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

12: ) You deserve to win the "Best Granddaughter of the Century" Award every year, especially on your birthday! I love you! Happy birthday, my little award winner!

13: ) You're synonymous with everything that’s sweet, smart and sassy in this world. Happy birthday, sweetie!

14: ) You are my princess, my light, my source of happiness. Happy Birthday, my beloved granddaughter!

15: ) The day of your birth made my whole life worthwhile. Happy birthday.

16: ) Granddaughters like you are the delight of life, the reason to live and a pleasure to have by your side. Happy Birthday to the source of my happiness and joy!

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17: ) I will always have a limitless supply of three things for you in life – advice, love and cookies. Happy birthday baby.

18: ) You are a little fairy sent down to us through the magic of God. Love you for everything. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

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19: ) The only job your grandpa would love to do without being paid is to be your full-time babysitter. Happy birthday little one.

20: ) You have grown into a lady now - so beautiful and charming. Love you, always. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

Best Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

21: ) God sent you own from heavens above, as a special gift for us. This is the reason you possess divine beauty - gentleness, kind heart, and beauty, which is incomparable. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

22: ) Granddaughters are like sugar. Too much of them will make the taste of life even better, but too little of them will make life tasteless. You make our life worth living. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

23: ) You are huggable, snuggle, adorable, cutiepie granddaughter. Happy Birthday!

24: ) For a sweet granddaughter like you, I wish loads of fun and good wishes. Keep smiling and stay happy. Happy Birthday!

25: ) You are a synonymous with the world sweetness. Happy Birthday, dear granddaughter! May you have a brilliant day.

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26: ) You innocent love heals our heart. Your cuteness drives headaches away. Your sweet voice cures out pains. With a granddaughter like you, we’ll never need a doctor. Happy birthday.

27: ) Granddaughters are meant to fill empty boxes in the crossword of life. Happy birthday.

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28: ) Thank you for bringing the best kind of joy, wonder and love into my life — the granddaughter kind. You make me feel brand new. Wishing you the very same on your birthday, sweetie...and every day afterwards!

29: ) Thank you for bringing so much light into my life with your bright smile. No matter how many years come and go, you will always be my little angel!

30: ) Your face is a perfect mix of your parents, but your qualities are a perfect mix of your grandparents. Happy birthday.

31: ) We don’t have enough words to tell you how wonderful you’ve been and how proud you’ve made us all these years!

32: ) You have made our yesterdays a sweet memory, our present a nice reality and our future a hopeful truth. You are a perfect granddaughter! Happy Birthday!

33: ) For a Special Granddaughter "Thinking of you with love and pride on your birthday and always."

34: ) I feel like a cool grandma because I have a hot granddaughter like you. Happy birthday sweetie.

35: ) You are the reason I know how to send emails, play games on Wii, read books on Kindle and use the tablet to make Skype calls. Without you, I would have been stuck in the eighties. Happy birthday.

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36: ) You brought us tremendous happiness by coming into our lives and it keeps growing with each your birthday!

37: ) A special day, a special year And so this brings to you... Warm congratulations And the best of wishes, too... For you're a special granddaughter And no matter what the day... You're thought about with lots more love Than any words can say.

38: ) On you birthday, I want to tell you that you are really special and that I always want you by my side. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

39: ) The most beautiful woman in my life was your grandmother – until I saw you. Happy birthday angel.

40: ) We have forgiven our destiny for giving us so many hardships in the past, for it has washed out every tear with the joy of having a wonderful granddaughter like you.Happy birthday.


41: ) Another cake-and-candle day for you, Granddaughter. Another year for me. Totally-proud-of-you Happy Birthday With So Much Love

42: ) It's always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone so sweet.

43: ) For Granddaughter's Birthday It's your birthday! Lucky You! You'll have cake and presents, too! And if this birthday wish comes true, You'll have fun the whole year through! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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