50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law

Best 50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law 2016

You raise your daughter with such love and care and eventually hand her over to someone you do not even know properly i.e. your son in law. However, you know that if your daughter has chosen someone to spend her life with, she loves him and she will be happy if you make your son in law happy. In order to earn love and respect, the best way is to do something on their birthday. Well planned and unique birthday surprises remain memorable for life and hence you can make your son in law feel special on his birthday this time. But what can you do? Well, we have some very unique birthday wishes for Son in law that you can use in highly creative manner. Expensive watches and accessories aside, the happiness and love that you can express via words is matchless. We combine some beautiful words so wonderfully in these wishes that are highly likely to touch the heart of your Son in law. Whether you deliver these wishes in written form along with the gift you are giving or by reading them out before, during or after the surprise, it will have a special effect on the heart of your son in law.

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Best 50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law 2016

1: ) You became our son-in-law by chance, but our loving son by choice. Happy birthday.

2: ) Our daughter is not the only one who’s lucky, we all feel blessed for having you in the family. Happy birthday.

3: ) I'm glad you volunteered to be a part of our family. Everybody...well...we just keep them because we don't have a choice! Happy Birthday!

4: ) Happy birthday to a wonderful son-in-law. You're just like a son to us. Now go grab a hammer and let's get to work before the next millennium.

5: ) You are the kind of son-in-law, people could ever dream of. We are glad to have you in real. Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

6: ) Do you know those perfectly happy families they show in commercials? That’s us. Happy birthday to a perfect son-in-law.

7: ) Thinking about how wonderful you are! Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

8: ) To the world's best son-in-law, I hope your birthday wishes never slip away, and that your birthday brings a whole year of happiness and not just one day! Happy Birthday!'

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9: ) Karma finally set everything in our life right by giving us a son-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

10: ) It’s your special day, so have a real blast! Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

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11: ) You are the best thing ever happen to us - of course, after our daughter! Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

12: ) By showing us so much love and respect, you have proved that we don’t need to add the word in-law after son. Happy birthday son.

13: ) Happy Birthday, son-in-law! You bring smiles on our faces.

14: ) We love calling you our son, so we will remove the suffix in-law’. Happy Birthday!

15: ) Thanks for always treating me like your own mother. An awesome son-in-law like you, I’d never find another. Happy birthday.

16: ) Just thinking about how wonderful you are and think it's time we let you know how we felt! Happy birthday to our most wonderful son-in-law!

17: ) We gave our daughter a fairy tale wedding, but you gave her a fairy tale life. Happy birthday.

18: ) You are a very special person. We are glad to have you as family! Happy birthday, son-in-law!

19: ) I could not have wished for a better son-in-law. They broke the genie lamp after we got you! Happy Birthday!

20: ) Our daughter converted all her wrongs into rights by marrying an amazing man like you. Happy birthday.

50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law

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21: ) Your birthday is a perfect time to tell you how glad we are to have an addition of the wonderful you in our lives. Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

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22: ) May destiny fulfill all the dreams of the man who has fulfilled all the dreams of my daughter. Happy birthday.

23: ) Go out on the town. Have a fantastic meal. Relax all day. Just do what you feel! It's your birthday!

24: ) Addicted to happiness and obsessed with joy – we have become like this because of you, birthday boy. Happy birthday.

25: ) My daughter found her life partner in you, my son found a brother in you and we found a second son in you. Happy birthday.

26: ) You're on your way to a fantastic birthday! May it be absolutely super! Happy Birthday, Son-in-Law!

27: ) Being the best in-laws is the least we can do, for an amazing son-in-law like you. Happy birthday.

28: ) You have been a little more than just a son-in-law - you have been like a real son. Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

29: ) Happy birthday to our amazing son-in-law. After our daughter, you're our favorite. Some days, we even like you more than her!

30: ) My daughter has inherited my taste, which is why she picked a gentleman like you to be her husband. Happy birthday.

31: ) Calling you "son-in-law" doesn't do justice to the wonderful, rewarding relationship we have with you. I think we're going to start calling you "son" from now on. Happy birthday, son!

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32: ) It’s a great feeling to have a son-in-law like you - so thoughtful and amazing. Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

33: ) You are wonderful in so many ways. May your birthday be a day that you receive all of your heart's desires! Happy Birthday, Son-In-Law!

50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law

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34: ) Our daughter made some horrible choices when she was young, but then she made up for all of them by getting married by you. Happy birthday.

35: ) You are a very special person. We are glad to have you as a family! Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

36: ) I don't tell you this everyday, but I'm glad that you're in our family. You're just plain great! Happy Birthday!

37: ) We love calling you our son, so we will remove the words "in-law" from your official title. Happy birthday, sonny!

38: ) I'm glad you got reeled into our family! I think we're gonna keep you! Happy Birthday, Son-in-Law!

39: ) Dear son-in-law, your birthday is the best day of the year to pay tribute to the limitless amount of joy you've brought to our lives. Our wish for you is that you'll find the joy you so richly deserve.

40: ) If not for that ring on your finger, we would never remember that you are our son-in-law. Happy birthday son.

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41: ) You are the kind of person anyone would fantasize as the ideal son-in-law. We are glad to have you for real. Happy birthday, son-in-law!

42: ) It takes a thousand prayers and a million acts of kindness to get blessed with a son-in-law like you.

43: ) Even the most expensive gift in this world is insignificant in front of the gift you have given us by being an awesome son-in-law. Happy birthday.

44: ) You are a blessing to our family, Son-in-Law. May your birthday be as marvelous as you are! Happy Birthday!

45: ) My daughter was not the only one who fell in love with you at first sight, we did too. Happy birthday.

50 Birthday Wishes For Son In Law

46: ) For you, we are more than just parents-in-law. For us, you’re more than just a son-in-law – we hope this mutual admiration continues forever.Happy birthday son.

47: ) Although you were not born into our family as a son, you have become more than a son for us. Happy birthday.

48: ) I tell people all of the time that you're more like a son than a "son-in-law". Our relationship is so much more than I could ever have hoped! I'm glad you're in my life! Happy Birthday!

49: ) May your birthday be as wonderful as your presence in our family! Happy Birthday, son-in-law!

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50: ) Under the law, you're our son-in-law. In our hearts, though, you're our son. Happy birthday to one of the best men we know.

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