11th birthday

Best 50+ 11th birthday 2016

Do you think that you have been neglecting your child over time? Do you think that he craves for your attention and tries to bring your focus to him in his own ways? Do you feel that you have not spent enough time with him? If that is the case, now is your chance to rectify your mistake. What better day could there be to do so than his birthday? Parents often tend to have the misconception that if they give their children expensive gifts, they would not crave for their love. Often, it is not the gifts that children want; it is the feeling of being loved. Children often feel neglected when they are not being showered with love. It is the duty of every parent to ensure that their child does not go through such emotions.

Thus, on this 11th birthday, give him more than gifts; give him wishes that would convey your love to him and give him the belief that you are always going to be there for him. The smile that he would get on his face upon receiving your wishes would be much more than the one that you would have gotten by giving him an expensive gift.

Best 50+ 11th birthday 2016

1: ) Happy 11th birthday! If anybody thinks you’re still a little kid, just tell them you’re now 4,015 days old (that’ll show those old farts)

2: ) Today, you’re ELEVEN! That makes you Extraordinary, Loving, Excellent, Victorious, Exceptional and Nice. Happy 11th birthday!

3: ) Happy 11th birthday. There are 11 great things about being 11. At this age, you’re loved, happy, healthy, cool, smart, funny, cute, unique, exciting, imaginative, and, most importantly, caring.

4: ) Happy 11th birthday. Being 11 is amazing. Don’t rush to be a teenager just yet. You’ll have seven years to be a teen and only one to be 11.

5: ) On your 11th birthday, your wishes come true even sooner when you make them at the luckiest wish-making time of the day: 11:11!

6: ) Happy birthday. At 11, something cool and really interesting happens: you get to start reading all the cool, really interesting books in the Young Adult section.

7: ) Happy birthday. Now that you’re 11, you’re going to start growing up even faster than ever, so just have fun and enjoy every moment along the way.

8: ) Happy 11th birthday. At your age, time starts to fly. Remember to enjoy yourself — try new things, be courageous, make new friends and do not worry!

9: ) On your 11th birthday and every day of the next 12 months, we wish you all the best life has to offer. Happy birthday!

10: ) Hope your 11th birthday is as awesome as you are. May all your 11th birthday wishes come true. Happy 11th birthday!

11: ) May your 11th birthday and the next year of your life be full of only fun times and happy memories! Happy 11th birthday!

12: ) 11 years ago today, we were given a precious gift of love that just keeps getting more lovable and loving every day. That gift is you. Happy 11th birthday!

13: ) Happy 11th birthday. You only get to be 11 for one year, so enjoy every second of it, doing all the wonderful things 11 year olds can still get away with (like never picking up after yourself).

14: ) 11 years today! Hip hip hooray! You’re going places! You’re on your way!Enjoy your day…and every day!

15: ) On your 11th Birthday, bigger the cake, more the candles, bigger the wish. Wish you a wonderful 11th Birthday.

11th birthday

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16: ) Hurry! It’s your 11th Birthday today, wishing you a bright and colorful Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

17: ) Today you’re ELEVEN, you’re growing everyday. Soon you’ll be all grown up. Wish you all the success and pleasure in life. HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY!

18: ) For a special boy, who’s turning ELEVEN today, wishing you a day that’s frosted with love and sprinkled with fun! HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY.

19: ) To my princess who is ELEVEN today, blow the candles and enjoy the cake, wishing you a happy and full of fun day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

20: ) Not many can be #1 two times over. That’s quite an accomplishment! Happy 11th Birthday!

21: ) It’s totally understandable, 11-year-old. Getting new clothes is great, but getting new clothes that need to be hung up and put away pretty much stinks! Hope you get exactly what you want for your birthday!

22: ) You are only turning 11 years old once � so party along and have lots of fun

23: ) Congratulation to your 11th Birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

24: ) You are only 11 years old but you already know that you are a real special girl. You will go your way in life. All the best on your birthday.

25: ) On your 11th Birthday i want to let you know how proud i am. You are a fantastic boy!

26: ) All the best on your 11th birthday. Can you blow out all 11 candles at once?

27: ) I am sending my little princess lovley birthday wishes on your 11th Birthday. I hope you have a great day with all your friends.

28: ) The 11th Birthday is the start to another journey. This trip will last 365 day. Enjoy it

29: ) Congratulation on your 11th Birthday . I wish you lots of big presents and a great birthday party.

30: ) The coolest boy at school is turning 11 years old today. I wish you lots of fun.

11th birthday

31: ) I am sending you 11 cuddles on your 11th Birthday. May all your dreams come true.

32: ) The first 1 stands for one hand to congratulate you the second 1 for one hand to offer a present so happy 11th birthday have an awesome birthday party.

33: ) Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are opened and thrown. But I want that my Birthday wishes stay with you forever. Happy Birthday!

34: ) May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. Happy Birthday.

35: ) A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

36: ) Wishes for your birthday; Lots of beer, gifts, party people, love, smiling faces, tears of joy, and many more…Happy birthday!

37: ) I send across my best wishes to one of the best persons I know, who is like a best friend to me and has given me the best possible times in my life. Here’s raising a toast for your Happy Birthday!

38: ) My heart felt wishes and blessings are coming your way on the wonderful occasion of your birthday. I will pray that you receive more than you have hoped for this birthday. Happy Birthday.

39: ) On your birthday, I want you to know that you mean so much to me. I cherish every single moment spent with you. I’m sending you my best wishes and I wish you have an awesome birthday.

40: ) I thought of writing a few rhymes for your first anniversary card. But who am I to write a rhyme for a couple whose love life is as beautiful as a romantic poem by Shakespeare. Happy 1st anniversary.

41: ) This message is for the one for whom I waited 364 days to wish. May you have the best birthday ever. Best birthday wishes.

42: ) Happy birthday, old friend. Remember to keep smiling while you still have teeth!

43: ) I’m thinking of you today, now that your birthday is here. Hope it brings joy and laughter, and happiness in the coming new year!

44: ) You changed the world as soon as you entered in. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger but you will always be my baby.

45: ) I am so thankful for another year to spend with you. You will always be our little angel. Happy Birthday my darling boy!

11th birthday

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46: ) I cannot find the exact words to tell you that we are so proud of what you have become through the years! Happy greetings to you on your birthday, my darling son!

47: ) No cheesy lines, No stupid vines. On your birthday, a heartfelt Thank you, for being just mine. Happy Birthday Son.

48: ) My baby boy is a whole year older! We’re so excited to watch you grow!

49: ) A special message from mom and dad: We are so thankful that God gave us a boy like you. We love you!

50: ) I am glad to have a son who shines even brighter than the sun. Here is a little ‘Happy Birthday’ from his mother

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