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Best 50+ 10th Birthday 2016

As children grow older, they tend to have lesser expectations with regards to the gifts they will get for their birthday. While they still get excited about every gift they get, somewhere along the line, the feeling starts to creep in that it is going to be a rehash of all the previous birthdays with nothing new to offer. However, on this 10th birthday of your child, you have the opportunity to break the trend and do something different for them. People often think that wishes and words do not matter much to children. They are kids, what would they understand. What many people fail to realize is the fact that words that come from the heart reach the heart. They would always manage to strike a chord, irrespective of the age of the person.

Therefore, on this birthday, give the child something that would remain with them all throughout their life. Give them a wish that would remain etched in their heart. Give them a memory that they would cherish forever. Give them something that they would be able to recall years down the road with a smile on their face and warmth in their heart. Sometimes, the simple words tend to have the biggest impact.

10th Birthday 2016

1: ) Look just how fast you grew up. I can still remember the first time I held you in my arms. That was one of the most unforgettable moment I have with you. And now, you are ten years old. All I wish is for you to grow up humble and respectful. I am always here for you and you will always be my baby boy. Happy Birthday!

2: ) Happy Birthday. You are now ten years old but for me you will always be my favorite childhood friend. If there’s one wish I have for you that will be for our friendship to stay. Always take care and good luck.

3: ) The last time I saw you, you were so little. Look at you now, beautiful and smart. Missing you so much. I hope you enjoy your party and the gifts we bought for you. May God guide you all the way. Happy birthday!

4: ) Happy 10th Birthday! Wishing you to be successful in your chosen field and be happy all the time. Study hard. We love you.

5: ) To my brother who will be turning 10, happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your party with your friends. Do not forget to blow your candle and make a wish. Always stay a good boy. Listen to mommy and daddy, okay? Always remember that we care and love you with all our hearts.

6: ) The day that you were born was the happiest day of my life. We are working hard to give you nothing but the best. All we ask from you is for you to study hard and stay good to everyone. Dream high, son. We love you and have a happy birthday.

7: ) Happy 10th birthday to you! I want you to know that I am very proud of you. Continue to be a blessing to everyone. May you achieve your dreams in life. God bless you.

8: ) Just thinking that sooner or later you will be having your own life, it makes me feel so sad. But before my tears fall down my cheeks, I want to greet you a wonderful birthday. Stay sweet little princess. I know you will not understand yet, but it is really emotional for a mother to see her kids grow up fast. If only I could stop time, I will. But for now, enjoy your birthday. Smile and have fun.

9: ) Make 10 wishes on your 10th birthday and believe that it will soon come true. Enjoy your childhood as long as you can because you cannot turn back what has already passed. Dream big and believe. Happy Birthday!

10: ) Happy birthday classmate. Be kind always to us and to our teacher. Thank you for being generous all the time. And by the way, your cake was yummy. Thank you for the treats.

11: ) I haven’t seen you for a while but I do remember that your birthday is today. Happy Birthday! Wishing you good health and more birthdays to come. Take care always. Love lots, your Auntie.

12: ) Happy 10th Birthday my godchild. Look how beautiful you are right now. No doubt you came from a family with good genes. And I heard you are top 1 on your class. Wow! Great job! Real beauty and brain. I am so proud of you. Enjoy my gift and have fun.

13: ) To my favorite nephew, happy birthday! As I promise, I bought you the bike you kept on asking me to buy. That’s because you have been so good and obedient. Enjoy your day. Uncle loves you so much.

10th birthday

14: ) Remember last year when I asked you about your wish on your birthday? You said all you want is for me to come home. Here I am! And I promise I will never leave you again. I want to watch you and your siblings to grow up, to guide you and to help you all the time. I want you all to know that I love you so much. Okay? Anyways, happy birthday!

15: ) Happiest birthday to you our little princess. I hope you are enjoying everything me and your daddy gave you. You are our joy and for you we will do everything. We love you, sweetie.

16: ) Happy Birthday, son! Sorry if there are times that we get mad at you from your wrong doings. We just want to correct you from your mistakes. Nonetheless, we love you with all our heart. Be good boy, okay?

17: ) Have a wonderful celebration today and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the day. As I am always saying, gifts are okay but presence is better. I know your friends are so happy for you. We are all happy for you. Happy Birthday!

18: ) Things will change soon but for now, let me enjoy the time I have with you while you are still young. Always remember that mommy loves you so much. I wish that when you grow up, you’ll be successful and you’ll inspire others. Build your dreams and your goals as early as now. We are here to support you all the way. Happy Birthday!

19: ) Be ready because we are going out of town to celebrate your birthday. I know this is all you want and I hope you’ll love it. We will do our best to give you what we think is good for you. That is how much we love you. Happy Birthday!

20: ) No matter how much you get old, you will always be our little princess. Wishing you all the best in this world. Praying for your guidance and success. Happy 10th birthday!

10th birthday

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21: ) Have a taste of my baked cake for you. I hope you’ll love it. Happy Birthday!

22: ) This is your first two digit birthday. You have become much stronger and taller!

23: ) You look like a fine gentleman/lady at 10. Enjoy the day!

24: ) May all your wishes come true and all the happiness of the world bestowed upon you!

25: ) You are 10 now, and you’ve never looked so handsome/beautiful! All the best for a happy future!

26: ) Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life. You are no longer a baby. Happy 10th birthday to you!

27: ) Happy birthday to the best kid in town!

28: ) May your tenth birthday be as special as you are!

29: ) The best time of your life is about to come. Happy 10th birthday for you!

30: ) To know a girl/boy like you has always made us so proud. My best wishes for you on your very special birthday!

31: ) No, we cannot call you a little girl/boy anymore; you are an adult now! Happy tenth birthday!

32: ) Enjoy your birthday with joy and happiness. Happy birthday to a very special 10-year-old!

33: ) Wow, you are now 120 months old. You don’t look aged one bit. Happy birthday!

34: ) Congratulations to you for your first two digit birthday! You are the best, and always will be!

35: ) You are the center of our world. We love you very much, kid. We are proud of you, daughter/son. Happy birthday to you!

36: ) After being ten, you shall now be called a fine, young handsome/beautiful gentleman/lady. You are no longer a small child. Happy birthday!

37: ) We wish that the coming years will give you more success and happiness. Enjoy the last part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-year-old!

38: ) Three balloons with three wishes are my gift for your 10th birthday. The first one is for making this day memorable, the second one is for your happiness,

39: ) and the third one for your success in the coming days. Happy birthday to you!

40: ) You are batman and superman combined. Keep a piece of your birthday cake for us too!

41: ) After being ten, you shall be able to play better video games. So, go ahead ask your dad for a game, birthday boy/girl!

10th birthday

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42: ) You’ve become a decade old literally overnight.

43: ) Enjoy the last year of being able to count your age using your fingers.

44: ) You’re the coolest 10 year old I’ve known since I was your age.

45: ) A ten-ager is like a teenager without the bad attitude.

46: ) If you have to rate your birthday on a scale from 1-10, I hope it’s a 10!

47: ) Congratulations on turning 10! You are really getting older now. It has been fun to watch you grow up these last 10 years.

48: ) Just think if you were a 10-year-old dog. You’d be a senior citizen.

49: ) Congratulations on turning the big “ONE-O!” You’re growing up now that you are out of the single digits.

50: ) You may not feel old now, but each ten years that you add from now on will make you feel much older.

51: ) Look at how grown up you have become. You’ve gone from a 9 year old little boy/girl to a 10 year old young man/lady.  Happy 10th!

52: ) You’re age is twice as many digits as it was when you were nine. You’ll have to wait 90 more years to add another digit to your age now that you are in the double digits.

53: ) For your birthday you get your choice between three different gifts. You can have 10 spankings, 10 kisses, or 10 dollars… To heck with it, I know what you will choose. Here’s your 10 dollars. Happy birthday! (Enclose 10 dollars as a gift)

54: ) Now that you turned 10, you’re old enough to begin. Get this birthday party started.

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