Amazing Sagittarius Birthday Wishes 2016

The Sagittarius, born on November 22 – December 21, is known as the self-sufficient, almost flighty sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. Sagittarius’s are optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, good-humored, honest, straightforward, intellectual and philosophical. You can find all latest and new Sagittarius Birthday Wishes 2016. Sagittarius Birthday Greetings have the boldest and rebellious collection of wishes to be used on Sagittarius Birthday.If you are looking for concept how to say happy birthday to Saggitarius friends in some new and original or funny way, we hope that Amazing Sagittarius Birthday Wishes will help you to find just what you were searching for.

Top 5 Sagittarius Birthday Wishes And Greetings:

  • 1 ) Trust me, just be relax and enjoy the moment: this is going to be Best Birthday of yours! Happy Birthday & wish you all the best to you.
  • 2 ) You have smiles that can brighten any room and you always make me feel like I belong to you. Happy Birthday.
  • 3 ) Birthday are good  for you. The more you have , the longer you Live . Live long and have unlimited happy Birthdays ahead.
  • 4 ) You are my colorful present in a season of fading colors. Happy Birthday.
  • 5 ) Keep your aim high in life! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Sagittarian!

Best Sagittarius Birthday Wishes 2016

6 ) Do not regret growing older. its an immunity denied to many …. Happy Birthday.

7 ) I send you warm wishes that your happiness will be as Amazing as the happiness you have always given to me .Happy birthday Sweetheart.

8 ) Let a new story unfold. Smiles, Laugh and Cry… be carefree and Bold as you ever been. happy Birthday.

9 ) Blow the horns bang the drums, its my Sagittarius friends birthday today.

10 ) Throw a party tonight, set all the doors open and let us see what happens then.. Perhaps some drinks will warm us up! happy birthday sweetheart, stay cool forever!

Cute Sagittarius Quotes/Finest Sagittarius Wishes

11 ) Happy birthday to the Cleverest sign of the Zodiac.

12 ) Don’t keep calm and be crazy ! Laugh, love and live it up coz this is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again mate. Happy Birthday.

13 ) I don’t bother if you are Hasty, i love that you are Rebellious, it doesn’t matter that you are Un Clear. I just wanna say Happy Birthday My dear Devil.

14 ) I believe that god must be happy to see you smile on your special day.  wish you  Happy birthday dear.

15 ) Our hugs to warm you up and more hugs for your birthday! Happy Birthday!

16 ) Happy birth day to you.Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

17 ) when ever i wanted good time in my life, you were there for me to cheer me up. Happy Birthday Dear.

18 ) We know that good things will happen to you tomorrow, BUT your birthday is today! A very Happy Birthday to You!

Awesome Sagittarius Birthday Quotes

19 ) I wish that you always remain free like a bird and strong like a rock, no matter how close we feel to your optimistic heart. Happy Birthday!

  • 20 ) Sagittarians do not dither from taking the first-step. They make good organizers and are wonderfully determined. This quality of theirs helps them come in touch with a lot of people who in one way or the other prove useful to them.
  • 21 ) This year, your birthday party is going to make everyone speechless. Happy Birthday to a  master of good taste.
  • 22 ) May your birthday bring you as much happiness as you give to everyone who knows you.

23 ) A new chapter of life for you. say bye to your past and aim high for your future. Happy Birthday.

24 ) The older you get the better you get. Unless you are a banana .. hahaha .. Happy Birthday my chiggy wiggy.

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