Best Birthday Wishes For Grand DaughterBest Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter

50+ Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter 2016

Granddaughter’s relationship with her grandparents is one of the most beautiful, pure and genuine relationship on this earth which is full of love, care, and trust. You see a reflection of your children in your granddaughter as she adopts a number of qualities and features of your daughter/son. A Granddaughter knows that how much her grandparents love her and she expects something on her birthday by her grandparents, she do not expect from anyone else but her grandparents because she knows how much they love her and how pure and unconditional their love is for her. As being a grandparent you should do something on your grand daughter’s birthday that can bring a smile on her face. We have an excellent collection of all sort of birthday wishes for all the relationships including granddaughter so you can select 50 birthday wishes for granddaughter this year on her birthday and make her day special and happy. Our birthday wishes are really emotional and pure so you can definitely find many wishes that suits best with your relationship that you share with your beautiful granddaughter. This year on her birthday make her feel special and blessed to have grandparents like you.


Birthday Wishes For Grand Daughter 2016

1 🙂 You have always been the fountain of our happiness and pride throughout all those years. Wishing you a delightful Birthday!

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2 🙂 Thank you for bringing so much light into my life with your bright smile. No matter how many years come and go, you will always be my little angel!

3 🙂 Daughters are warm like the sun, bright like the stars, cools like a breeze, and sweet as honey. Who wouldn’t love someone like that! Happy Birthday, Daughter! I Love You!

4 🙂 I would like to wish my oldest daughter a Happy Birthday today. My baby turns 16 today and it's been the best years of my life because God saw fit to bless me with a beautiful baby girl. So enjoy your day and may you continue to have love and serenity throughout your day and remember A Mother's Love is like no other in the world.

5 🙂 You may have grown taller than me and a lot prettier, I must admit. However, you will still be the same old daughter who confides in me and values my views. Happy Birthday!

6 🙂 Your happiness and your success – these are the only two things we want in life and we are doing everything we can to help you get them happy birthday dear.

7 🙂 Never hide your sparkling eyes, bright smile and glowing face from the world. Otherwise nobody will get a chance to see your light shine so brilliantly happy birthday to the light of my everyday life.

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8 🙂 Thinking of you with undying love and immense pride on your birthday...and always. Happy birthday, my sweet love!

9 🙂 Your birthday is always great because it's a celebration of someone great! Happy birthday to the greatest daughter in the world!

10 🙂 You are a little fairy sent down to us through the magic of God. Love you for everything. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

11 🙂 I remember your first day in the world-you looked at me and smiles. Ever since then, I have been in love with you, my sweet granddaughter! Happy Birthday!

12 🙂 Special wishes for a special person don't need special occasions. We wish you the best of everything every single day of our lives dear daughter. But today's your Birthday and we wish you the double of the best of everything. Happy Birthday dear daughter!

13 🙂 I couldn’t believe how swiftly time has passed us by. You’re such a big girl now! May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life have a delightful birthday!

14 🙂 I always thought of your naughty ways when you were small, I was worried about you, But, you have surpassed all my expectations, You are too good to be true, I love you, Happy birthday dear!

15 🙂 You have grown into a lady now - so beautiful and charming. Love you, always. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

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16 🙂 Life is funny but a man doesn't cry at funerals and a man doesn't cry at all but today I did because of the love I have for my daughter. Happy birthday my little doll!

17 🙂 Of course you're smart, kind, talented and lovable. You take after me! Happy birthday, my perfect child!

18 🙂 Sweetheart, you always make me smile. Whatever the future holds, I will love you more and more every second of every day happy birthday

19 🙂 Today is so important to everyone who knows you and who loves the amazing person you are. On your birthday and always, you're wished everything wonderful!

20 🙂 Granddaughters like you are the delight of life, the reason to live and a pleasure to have by your side. Happy Birthday to the source of my happiness and joy!


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21 🙂 A granddaughter like you is a source of joy and pride for her grandparents. Love you for what you are! Happy Birthday!

22 🙂 I’m so blessed to have you as my daughter. You're an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday!

23 🙂 Wishing you a life that is as colorful as the rainbow in the sky and as magical as your presence in our lives! Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

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24 🙂 To Our Special Daughter…You are everything to both of us and we have always tried to give you the best. We know that life is not always perfect, but we always taught you to take the good and learn from the rest. Happy Birthday and best wishes, too! You’re a wonderful daughter and we love you!

25 🙂 Greetings to my princess on your special day! I hope it is great.

26 🙂 On you birthday, I want to tell you that you are really special and that I always want you by my side. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!

27 🙂 No matter how old you are, to me you will always be my little girl. Have a brilliant Birthday!

28 🙂 Thank you for bringing the best kind of joy, wonder and love into my life — the granddaughter kind. You make me feel brand new. Wishing you the very same on your birthday, sweetie...and every day afterwards!

29 🙂 The most beautiful flower of the world does not belong to an exotic tropical forest or remote grassland, it belongs to family and it is my daughter happy birthday.

30 🙂 You have made us proud in every way. May your day bring you nothing but happiness and fond memories happy birthday, sweetie!

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31 🙂 Thank you for bringing so much light into our lives with your bright smile. Happy birthday, sweetie!

32 🙂 You are a synonymous with the world sweetness. Happy Birthday, dear granddaughter! May you have a brilliant day!

33 🙂 A beautiful person has a beautiful life. And, so shall you. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success? I wish you a very happy Birthday.

34 🙂 For a sweet granddaughter like you, I wish loads of fun and good wishes keep smiling and stay happy. Happy Birthday!

35 🙂 Happy birthday to the child who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.

36 🙂 You have given us a greater sense of self and purpose. You are a rare and priceless gem happy birthday.

37 🙂 You deserve to win the "Best Granddaughter of the Century" Award every year, especially on your birthday! I love you! Happy birthday, my little award winner!

38 🙂 My hugs and kisses will always be bigger and warmer than all the stuffed toys you will ever have happy birthday.

39 🙂 Daughters are like the dreams that never end. When you wake up in the morning, you have a deja vu that they are right next you and when you go to bed, you have a smile on your face because you know you’re going to see them wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

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40 🙂 As long as I see respect in your eyes, my life seems like the most beautiful prize. As long as I can feel warmth in your hugs, everything else seems cozy and snug. As long as I can keep showering my love on my daughter, I will always be happy now and forever happy birthday.

41 🙂 You have made our yesterdays a sweet memory, our present a nice reality and our future a hopeful truth. You are a perfect granddaughter! Happy Birthday!

42 🙂 We are feeling very lucky as grandparents because we have such an adorable granddaughter it is hard to describe in words how happy we are for having you!

43 🙂 God sent you down from heavens above, as a special gift for us. This is the reason you possess divine beauty - gentleness, kind heart, and beauty, which is incomparable. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!


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44 🙂 You are my little princess, my light, my joy. Happy birthday, sweetie!

45 🙂 Wish that you would not spend a day in your life without beautiful and happy moments. Best wishes to you, my darling!

46 🙂 You are my princess, my light, my source of happiness. Happy Birthday, my beloved granddaughter!

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47 🙂 You are huggable, snuggle, adorable, cutie pie granddaughter. Happy Birthday!

48 🙂 To my lovely daughter; No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little girl. I love you. May GOD bless you every day and night! Happy birthday and have a wonderful day!

49 🙂 As parents we hope that you touch the life of thousands of other people with the same dignity, happiness, care and love that you have touched ours. That will be your gift to us on your Birthday wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear daughter.

50 🙂 You're synonymous with everything that’s sweet, smart and sassy in this world. Happy birthday, sweetie granddaughter!

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